Digital License Manager PRO

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$59.00 / year

Digital License Manager PRO is WordPress plugin that allows you to sell your downloadable software (WordPress themes/plugins, custom software), provide license activation/deactivation and distribute updates through the REST API along with a neat WooCommerce Subscriptions support to boost your earnings.

  • Version: 1.4.5
  • Updated: June 21, 2024
  • Support: 1 year per license

Digital License Manager PRO is WordPress plugin that extends Digital License Manager functionality and allows you to sell your software (WordPress themes/plugins, custom software), provide license activation/deactivation and distribute updates through the API along with a neat WooCommerce Subscriptions support that allows you to keep your revenue recurring.

The PRO version includes additional features which aren't available in the free version such as:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions support. It extends existing license or generates new one upon subscription renewal based on your product settings.
  • Software management. If you sell software, you will be able to add your software, setup a gallery, support information, FAQs that appear on the product page.
  • Software release management. Downloadable software can be distributed as a releases. For each version you create a release in the Software editor.
  • Software details REST Endpoint to get information about specific software. This is useful if you want to perform update check from your premium software.
  • Software download REST Endpoint to download the latest release for specific software. This is useful if you want to provide updates for your software.
  • Separate License page in My Account that shows list of historical License Activations and Releases along with extended information about the License.
  • Separate Battle-tested and well-documented WordPress package to create License Activation form and provide updates through your Digital License Manager Software API. Start your WordPress theme/plugin shop today!
  • Ready to use theme/plugin updater library with integration guide. Useful if you want to integrate license activations to your WordPress plugins/themes.
  • Additional Options to enable or disable features like the "Licenses" access in My Account.
  • PDF certificates of the licenses. Customers can generate a pdf certificate for their license in the My Account License page area.
  • Fully compatible with WPML
  • Software download statistics (In progress)
  • Suggest your own feature!

The PRO license includes 1 year of updates and support and can be extended after expiration.

We love to hear any ideas or suggestions about Digital License Manager and improve it, so if you have something in mind, feel free contact us!

3 reviews for Digital License Manager PRO

  1. Cassie Ann (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin and support service. We are using Digital License Manager to sell our software, the API is very well documented and easy to integrate. Integrates nicely with WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions.

  2. Paul B (verified owner)

    Definitely the best licensing plugin for WordPress with the most features, latest PHP8 compatibility and support for WooCommerce Subscriptions. Having tried all other plugins, i can easily confirm that this one is two or three classes above everything, shame it isn’t noticed yet as it deserves.

  3. Aaron Howard (verified owner)

    We use this plugin to sell our WordPress themes and plugins. Very much appreciated, all the integrations work like charm. Also, very well documented.

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The detailed documentation can be found on the following: See Documentation


1.4.5 - June 21, 2024 Stable

  • Add dev filter "dlm_myaccount_software_page" for disabling the 'Software' page in MyAccount
  • Improvement: Settings registration procedure
  • Improvement: Load integrations as early as on plugins_loaded hook
  • Fix: Issues related to the Software tab in My Account that were causing the already purchased, downloadable software to not show
  • Upgrade Digital License Manager Core to 1.6.4 (changelog on Github or

1.4.4 - June 21, 2024

  • Test with WooCommerce 9
  • Include nl_NL language in the plugin
  • Always load WooCommerce integration out of the init hook
  • Improvements to the downloads query

1.4.3 - May 12, 2024

  • Upgrade Digital License Manager Core to 1.6.3

1.4.2 - May 1, 2024

  • Upgrade Digital License Manager Core to 1.6.2

1.4.1 - April 21, 2024

  • Rename assets to .min.js from .cjs - not all envs support this extension
  • Upgrade Digital License Manager Core to 1.6.1

1.4.0 - March 15, 2024

  • New License Revealing feature
  • New Register License page in My Account
  • New Changelog tab in the Product page
  • New Developer filter for disabling product certain product tabs
  • Improved Admin UI
  • Improved Woo Templates
  • Improved validations in the Software Download REST endpoint
  • Improved WooCommerce Subscriptions support
  • Improved Subscriptions For WooCommerce (SFW) plugin compatibility
  • Improved Software delete operation
  • Upgraded & rewritten Software component dependencies (Vue 3)

1.3.7 - February 23, 2024


  • Fix HPOS compatibility declaration when both core/pro are active.
  • Upgrade Digital License Manager - Core to 1.6.0-beta

1.3.6 - December 1, 2023


  • Improvements to the MyAccount actions like license activation/deactivation
  • Upgrade Digital License Manager - Core to 1.5.6

1.3.5 - October 23, 2023


  • Upgrade Digital License Manager - Core to 1.5.3
  • Test compatibility with WooCommerce 8.3

1.3.4 - September 21, 2023


  • Fix issue that prevented from showing the "License Manager" tab in simple and variable subscription products edit page in admin

1.3.3 - September 17, 2023


1.3.2 - August 1, 2023


  • Compatibility with Digital License Manager v1.5.0 Core
  • Test with WP 6.3
  • Test with WC 8.0
  • Improvements to the data layer
  • Improvements to data sanitization

1.3.1 - May 22, 2023

Version 1.3.1

  • Fix conflicts with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce v7.7

1.3.0 - April 21, 2023


  • Upgraded core Digital License Manager to master@26a9686144028181977462dff8df39ea1e7790b9
  • Fix fatal error trigger on the Software tab
  • Rename Enable Activation/Deactivation options to ease confusion
  • License Activations Row Actions Rewrite and code improvements
  • Added more detailed log messages when renewing licenses
  • Added unit tests (not included in production builds)
  • Fixed software deletion procedure
  • Added confirmation message when deleting software item
  • Fixed the license certification checkbox that was not showing in the PRO version
  • Updated the .pot template

1.2.6 - January 8, 2023


  • Upgraded core Digital License Manager to v1.3.9
  • Moved the business logic into services

1.2.4 - November 14, 2022


  • Upgraded core Digital License Manager to v1.3.5
  • Added support for WooCommerce Payments (Thanks to @pondermatic)

1.2.3 - October 4, 2022


  • Upgraded core Digital License Manager to v1.3.4
  • Make use of the WooCommerce meta functions to replace the WordPress ones
  • Add slug to the software release/check response
  • Resync .pot template

1.2.1 - July 26, 2022


  • Upgrade core version to 1.3.2

1.2.0 - May 26, 2022


  • Upgrade core version to v1.3.0
  • Added permalinks flush mechanism to flush permalinks after plugin activation. Fixes issues with 404 pages in WooCommerce “My Account”
  • Added support for Subscriptions For WooCommerce 1.4+
  • Added Software tab in My Account for downloading licensed software
  • Added missing title on the single software page
  • Upgraded dlm-wp-activator library to the latest version to fix issues related to license deactivation in plugins
  • Simplified the WooCommerce templates directory tree
  • Refactored Abstracs/Interfaces to support PSR naming standards
  • Fixed typos in my-account templates & add a paragraph hooks in single software page
  • Fixed setting up first-time default settings on plugin install
  • Added various codebase improvements

1.1.0 - March 23, 2022

Version 1.1.0

  • Add Subscriptions for WooCommerce support
  • Improve the WooCommerce Subscriptions support
  • Added logging to the subscriptions support
  • Improved codebase in general

1.0.1 - March 13, 2022

Version 1.0.1

  • Fix Multisite database/fileystem initial setup. Run the database/filesystem setup on each blog once the plugin is activated network wide.

1.0.0 - December 11, 2021


  • Initial version!


The software will be covered with support and updates as long as your license is valid. If you need any help feel free to contact us.