We are happy to introduce the new major 1.9.0 version of WP Vimeo Videos PRO.

The main focus of this release was adding ACF upload field support besides the existing ACF field for selecting account videos and also Video upload pull method for GravityForms and WPForms integrations.

What is the the new “Vimeo Upload” field for ACF and how it works

Starting from this 1.9.0 release we added a support for Uploading videos through our Javascript modal in an ACF field. This way you can allow uploading or choosing existing video from the ACF field called “Vimeo Upload”.

What is Vimeo upload pull method and how to use it with GravityForms and WPForms

Before this version our plugin supported direct uploads to Vimeo.com when using GravityForms and WPForms. This means that once someone submits GravityForms/WPForms form, then the video will be first uploaded to the server and then uploaded to Vimeo using background task.

Unfortunately, on some environments this “direct upload” method didn’t worked perfectly because of many reasons (from web server limitations to internet connection and so on).

To tackle the issue we added “Upload pull” method, which is similar to the default “direct upload” method, but with one small difference. Instead of initiating background task to upload the uploaded video to Vimeo.com form the server, we create an empty Vimeo.com video video and instruct Vimeo.com to download the video file from our web server. Finally, after sometime the video file is assumed to be done and we delete it via cron task (usually if the video file on the server is older than 3 hours).

We suggest to enable this “Upload pull” method if you experience issues with the default “direct upload” way. The issue is mainly stuck uploader, you will see in Vimeo.com that the video is stuck in specific phase for hours.

Important: This method won’t work on localhost or if your site isn’t accessible from public.

To enable the “pull” method, go to “Settings” > “Vimeo” > “Enable “pull” uploads for front-end forms.”

Full Changelog

  • Added ACF “Vimeo Upload” field
  • Improved existing ACF Vimeo Selection field, renamed from Vimeo to “Vimeo Selection”
  • Added support for Vimeo Pull uploads on GravityForms
  • Added support for Vimeo Pull uploads on WPForms
  • Added cron task that removes video files that are already uploaded via Vimeo pull
  • Improved the WPForms integration

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us!