We are happy to introduce the new major 1.8.0 version of Video Uploads for Vimeo PRO.

The main focus of this release was adding Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) support to enable developers use the “Vimeo” field, improving the admin screens and bug fixing as well as improving the general codebase.

How the ACF Integration works?

It allows the user to add “Vimeo” field in the “Custom Fields” builder. The field itself is lazy-load select element which can search the connected Vimeo account. It allows the user to select how the field value is stored and how it is retrieved.

Various other admin improvements

Based on the user reports, we fixed various bugs found in the admin interface, added bulk actions to the Vimeo list table and made some UI improvements to improve the general look and feel.

Full changelog

  • Added Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) FREE/PRO integration
  • Added bulk actions in the Media > Vimeo list table
  • Added spinner to the settings area
  • Added spinner to the single video “Manage” page when saving the boxes
  • Added various improvements to the “Embed privacy” section
  • Added responsive styling to all plugin pages, it looks good on mobile now.
  • Added link to the video page on the site in the “Manage” screen
  • Added link to the Vimeo.com page in the “Manage” screen
  • Imrpoved notice display. Prevent displaying third-party notices on the plugin’s pages
  • Fixed GravityForms Advanced Post Creation integration
  • Fixed page visibility when single pages are disabled. They were still visible
  • Fixed saving the “Basic Information” in “Manage”, bug caused by the “View Privacy” dropdown
  • Fixed the admin list table pagination and filters, they now work correctly together
  • Fixed the bug that was hidding the pagination for other roles than administrator in th admin list table
  • Fixed saving videos without description. It should be possible as vimeo accept it anyway
  • Increased thumbnail cache time to 10 hours for the experimental thumbnails feature
  • Re-styled the “Embed Presets” form in “Manage” screen and added a button to “Upgrade” page from Vimeo.com
  • Updated the plugin activation library
  • Improved TinyMCE asset enqueuing, use native wp_enqueue_script/style functions.
  • Security improvements (sanitize & escape) throughout the codebase

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us!