We are happy to introduce the new major 1.6.0 version of WP Vimeo Videos PRO.

The main focus of this release was adding WPForms support for the front-end uploads and also progress bar support for the GravityForms and WPForms front-end upload integrations.

GravityForms and WPForms now support classic upload and modern upload (parallel chunked uploads with progress bar). When we refer to “Modern” style uploads it means support for chunked uploads and progress bar.

What are chunked uploads?

Chunked uploads let you send larger videos in pieces, or chunks. Once all chunks are uploaded the final video file is assembled on the server. This way we can avoid the upload size limits because the chunks are something much smaller than the original Video.

What is parallel chunked uploading?

We built parallel chunked support for users with faster connections. Before initializing the upload we detect the speed of the user connection. If the user has “fast” connection then we send multiple chunks at same time in parallel to speed up the processing otherwise we send one chunk at a time.

How to use the new chunked uploading (progress bar) feature?

In GravityForms we renamed the old “Vimeo Upload” to “Vimeo Upload (Classic)” and added “Vimeo Upload (Modern)”. For chunked uploading with progress bar you need the “Modern” version.

In WPForms you can use the “WP Vimeo Upload” field and set the “Theme” to “Modern”.

Full changelog

  • Added WPForms integration
  • Added chunked upload support through WPForms (See “Modern” theme in WP Vimeo Videos field)
  • Added chunked upload support through GravityForms (See “Modern” field)
  • Added progress bar support on the chunked uploads via WPForms/GravityForms
  • Improved the codebase, rewrote most of the front-end processing for easier integrations in future
  • Fixed various PHP warnings
  • Improved upload form style
  • Improved public video embed (added black color as background)
  • Disabled ESC key close action on Classic Editor / TinyMCE upload form modal
  • Re-synced pot files

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us!