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Video Uploads for Vimeo PRO (formerly WP Vimeo Videos PRO) is WordPress plugin that allows you to upload your videos to the popular video streaming service Vimeo directly from your WordPress website and also embed the uploaded video in any of your posts, pages or template files.


  • Version: 1.9.7
  • Updated: July 3, 2024
  • Support: 1 year per license
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Video Uploads for Vimeo PRO is WordPress plugin that provides WordPress Vimeo Integration and allows you to upload your videos to Vimeo directly from your WordPress website. It is also possible to embed the uploaded video in any of your posts, pages or template files.

The PRO version includes additional fetures which aren't available in the free version such as:

  • Gutenberg Support with additional options (eg. account search)
  • Classic Editor Support (TinyMCE) in admin and Front-end for plugins that use wp_editor()
  • GravityForms Support. Front-end upload via Gravtiy Forms
  • WPForms Support. Front-end upload via WPForms(Lite/PRO)
  • TutorLMS PRO Integration, it provides buttons in both admin/frontend editor to upload Vimeo videos
  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) FREE/PRO Integration. Provides ACF Upload field and ACF Selection hat allows to lazily search the connected Vimeo account, store video reference in the postmeta and display on the front-end
  • Option to upload existing Media Library videos to Vimeo in WordPress with one click
  • Option to search your Vimeo account for existing videos when embedding video via Gutenberg and TinyMCE
  • Option to show only the videos uploaded by the current user in the library page
  • Option to enable/disable single video pages that show the Video
  • Option to whitelist domains that are allowed to embed the uploaded videos
  • Option to control who can view the uploaded videos through the admin or the front-end separately
  • Option to select who can view the video in the upload forms (Gutenberg, Classic editor, Vimeo tab or Media Library push buttons)
  • Option to edit view privacy in the Media > Vimeo tab for each video
  • Option to enable/disable certain embed methods in the Gutenberg and TinyMCE Vimeo Upload forms
  • Option to select default folder for videos uploaded in the admin dashboard
  • Option to select default folder for videos uploaded from the front-end forms
  • Option to edit folder in Media > Vimeo for each video
  • Option to select default embed preset for videos uploaded in the admin dashboard
  • Option to select default embed preset for videos uploaded from the front-end forms
  • Option to edit embed preset in Media > Vimeo for each video
  • Update Vimeo Videos from your WordPress site
  • Delete Vimeo Videos from your WordPress site
  • Experimental Thumbnails support
  • Supports post creation by form submission with GravityForms/WPForms.
  • Fast Dedicated Support for premium customers

The PRO license includes 1 year of updates and support and can be extended after expiration.

We love to hear any ideas or suggestions about our WordPress Vimeo Integration, so if you have something in mind, feel free contact us!

24 reviews for Video Uploads for Vimeo PRO

  1. Anthony K (verified owner)

    Beautiful product with a lot of features. We love the front-end upload. Thank you for your hard work.

  2. James Davis (verified owner)

    Excellent product, the team is very responsive and helped us a lot!!!

  3. Patrick Kimbrell (verified owner)

    This plugin is exactly what I needed to make my website a reality! Thank you for creating this and for your excellent support when needed.

  4. Felix (verified owner)

    Finally! Was waiting for a long time for such plugin. The developer is highly professional and responsible. I recommend!

  5. Anna Norton (verified owner)

    The PRO version is working great and has many features. The support is outstanding

  6. Clarence Jones (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my purchase. Regular updates, great support and top quality software that will save you a lot of time.

  7. Nancy Baker (verified owner)

    Works completely as expected, I only have compliments for this little piece of cake πŸ™‚

  8. Eugene Barnes (verified owner)

    This is a very good plugin. I was only concerned about an issue with my theme. Support helped me fix this.

  9. warren (verified owner)

    Nice plugin, it works like magic and they are adding new features with every update.

  10. rafael_gomes (verified owner)

    Before this plugin we needed to do everything manually, this saves a lot of time. Our blog authors also love it.

  11. Elijah (verified owner)

    Happy this plugin works well. It’s easy to use, flexible and has very intuitive design. Excellent

  12. Felix E. (verified owner)

    Satisfied with my purchase. The plugin is updated regularly for bug fixes and I really appreciate this.

  13. Marsha (verified owner)

    I have a massive site with a lot of GB’s occupied by the videos that my visitors upload and the plugin is the perfect solution for me. I can finally save on hosting and offload the videos in my Vimeo account instead.

  14. laurie (verified owner)

    The developer helped me to integrate the plugin into my custom-coded PHP form. He is very supportive when needed.

  15. jakeskl (verified owner)

    Works great, and according to my expectations. The support is excellent.

  16. maytag1 (verified owner)

    We have been using this plugin for a year and renewing it now! It served us well and we love the regular updates and improvements, also support of the developer.

  17. yuriyk34 (verified owner)

    Absolutely Incredible Utility, After a week of trying to hire a developer to integrate Vimeo on my site, i failed miserably but luckily found this clever little gem seemed to cover nearly every element of the Vimeo integration requiremenets. Awesome stuff. You now got a friend in me. πŸ™‚

  18. jvorcion (verified owner)

    I have been using it for a few months and works perfectly. Support is really responsive.

  19. erikmelker (verified owner)

    Simple and does just what it should do without spamming my entire dashboard. Integrates with a number of plugins, also developer helped us to integrate it on a custom PHP form. Thanks.

  20. donniewal (verified owner)

    Top notch plugin. We used this plugin to provide a way for our students to upload Videos on our site. We use it in combination with TutorLMS. Works like a charm!

  21. ericgorman (verified owner)

    I wish I found this plugin earlier… It simplifies my workflow by a lot. Suggested few things to the developer, hopefully they will implement them to make it even better. Overall, I am very happy!

  22. economyteachlead (verified owner)

    It’s nice plugin with regular maintenance. I found a bug, reported it and they released a new version the next day! Magnificent client care.

  23. Calvin Li (verified owner)

    Basically our business depends on this plugin. Never needed any support, it works like a charm.

  24. Rachael F. (verified owner)

    Very useful plugin. The price tag is symbolic to what functionality it provides. Just for a record, two other development companies quoted us over $3,000 for Vimeo integration this plugin provides.

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The plugin has detailed documentation that outlines how to setup and connect it with Vimeo.

See documentation


1.9.7 - July 3, 2024 Stable

= Version 1.9.7 =

  • Add compatibility with WordPress 6.6

1.9.6 - June 29, 2024

= Version 1.9.6 =

  • Add support for PHP8.2, PHP8.3
  • Load third-party dependencies through composer

1.9.5 - February 23, 2024

= Version 1.9.5 =

  • Add support for video count based quotas
  • Add support for the newly added plans: Vimeo Starter, Standard, Advanced
  • Fix WPForms styling on the latest WPForms versions

1.9.4 - July 30, 2023

= Version 1.9.4 =

  • Fix issue in WPForms integration that triggered when user is not logged in
  • Fix issue in GravityForms integration when triggered when logging messages

1.9.3 - March 1, 2023

= Version 1.9.2 =

  • Added option to translate the Gutenberg block name
  • Added option to hide folders, embed privacy, embed presets panels in vimeo edit page
  • Added statistic button on the Vimeo List Table (Media > Vimeo) near settings, if the option to show the users upload only is selected then the statistics will be for the user only
  • Replaced the Settings text with icon in the Vimeo List Table (Media > Vimeo)
  • Added "Screen Options" in the Vimeo List Table (Media > Vimeo)
  • Added option to swap the embed shortcode with link in Media > Vimeo > "Screen Options"
  • Added option to show video description in Media > Vimeo > "Screen Options"
  • Added search bar to the Vimeo List Table (Media > Vimeo)
  • Added explanation modal in settings for longer labels
  • Improved to the Videos table column widths, they will flex based on content size
  • Fixed few other untranslated strings
  • Re-sync i18n .pot template

1.9.2 - February 1, 2023

= Version 1.9.2 =

  • Added {dgv_vimeo_id} for the GravityForms integration
  • Added ability to cleanly close / stop the upload operation when closing the upload modal
  • Added metadata sync process that runs on every 30 minutes and sync the videos chunk by chunk to keep the server resource usage low
  • Added video status sync, removes videos that were deleted from
  • Added clickable "Copy to clipboard" icon next to embed link
  • Added filters dgv_gf_title_value, dgv_gf_description_value that allow devs to hook into and modify the GravityForm vimeo subfields (title and description)
  • Added filters dgv_wpforms_title_value, dgv_wpforms_description_value that allow devs to hook into and modify the WPForms vimeo subfields (title and description)
  • Fixed styling issue related to the Media Library video file upload modal form the list table
  • Fixed issue related to the disabled video name in the Gutenberg editor
  • Removed validation check for the description field (not optional) when uploading file from Media Library list table
  • Improved folders loading in the search
  • Re-sync .pot template

1.9.1 - September 21, 2022

= Version 1.9.1 =

  • Added ajax based folder select in settings and video edit
  • Added experimental javascript upload to the WPForms integration
  • Fix tinymce editor error thrown in some instances
  • Re-sync .pot template

1.9.0 - July 19, 2022

= Version 1.9.0 =

  • Added ACF Vimeo Upload field
  • Improved existing ACF Vimeo Selection field
  • Added support for Vimeo Pull uploads on GravityForms
  • Added support for Vimeo Pull uploads on WPForms
  • Added cron task that removes video files that are already uploaded via Vimeo pull
  • Improved the WPForms integration

Read more

1.8.3 - May 14, 2022

= Version 1.8.2 =

  • Added full Support for Submissions To Posts for WPForms, more details here
  • Fix GravityForms Modern Upload field warning in the editor
  • Improve select2 script queuing, add version string

1.8.2 - May 13, 2022

= Version 1.8.2 =

  • Support for WordPress 6.0
  • Fixed issue with file size limit being ignored in WPForms
  • Fixed conflict with "Smart Logic" tab that was hidden because of bug caused by our plugin in WPForms
  • Fixed GravityForms validation problem with Modern field. If validation failed, the page refreshes and video was lost. The video will now be preserved
  • Fixed TinyMCE integration javascript queuing problems and conflicts (eg. Ultimate member), etc
  • Fixed PHP Deprecation warnings in PHP8.1
  • Added missing translation texts ("remove" and "Filter") in POT file
  • Added filter dgv_mce_output_markup that allow developers to change behavior of TinyMCE integration output
  • Added dependency check for php-curl, if curl is not installed the plugin will not run instead of triggering fatal error
  • Updated the Digital License Manager update checker library to the latest version that fixes issues related to deactivting license form Settings

Also, new online documentation is available and we are adding content here at the moment

1.8.1 - April 27, 2022

= Version 1.8.1 =

  • Added vimeo/vimeo.php build with Guzzle7 for servers that use PHP7.2+ and Guzzle6 is not present
  • Fixed problem related to GravityForms merge tags that affected notifications and some other integrations
  • Fixed problem with bulk delete

1.8.0 - January 22, 2022

= Version 1.8.0 =

  • Added Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) FREE/PRO integration
  • Added bulk actions in the Media > Vimeo list table
  • Added spinner to the settings area
  • Added spinner to the single video "Manage" page when saving the boxes
  • Added various improvements to the "Embed privacy" section
  • Added responsive styling to all plugin pages, it looks good on mobile now.
  • Added link to the video page on the site in the "Manage" screen
  • Added link to the page in the "Manage" screen
  • Imrpoved notice display. Prevent displaying third-party notices on the plugin's pages
  • Fixed GravityForms Advanced Post Creation integration
  • Fixed page visibility when single pages are disabled. They were still visible
  • Fixed saving the "Basic Information" in "Manage", bug caused by the "View Privacy" dropdown
  • Fixed the admin list table pagination and filters, they now work correctly together
  • Fixed the bug that was hidding the pagination for other roles than administrator in th admin list table
  • Fixed saving videos without description. It should be possible as vimeo accept it anyway
  • Increased thumbnail cache time to 10 hours for the experimental thumbnails feature
  • Re-styled the "Embed Presets" form in "Manage" screen and added a button to "Upgrade" page from
  • Updated the plugin activation library
  • Improved TinyMCE asset enqueuing, use native wp_enqueue_script/style functions.
  • Security improvements (sanitize & escape) throughout the codebase

1.7.3 - September 7, 2021

  • Added enhanced LeardDash integration. Besides the Gutenberg & Classic editor integrations, it now integrates in \\\\\\\"Video Progression\\\\\\\" field in Topic/Lesson settings.
  • Added merge tags support for the GravityForms integration
  • Added support for Live Pro, Live Business, Live Premium, Producer plans
  • Fixed user filter dropdown in Media > Vimeo
  • Fixed Vimeo deletion. It failed to delete remote ( video when user deletes Video form the admin screens
  • Fixed user admin url when clicking on the author in Media > Vimeo
  • Fixed fatal error triggered when activating the plugin
  • Improved the TinyMCE upload modal styling
  • Updated sweetalert2 from version 8.17.1 to version 11.1.4 (latest)
  • Updated and resynced the .pot i18n template to add the new strings

1.7.2 - June 9, 2021

= Version 1.7.2 =
  • Added support for GravityForms 2.5
  • Added support for Live Premium plan
  • Fixed a problem related to the lowercase HTTPv2 headers for users that use HTTPv2 when using the legacy library
  • Fixed \'Hide videos uploaded from different authors for non-admin use\" option in the Gutenberg and TinyMCE blocks
  • Removed xdebug ini_set/get calls in the logger. The directive to overload var_dump was removed in xdebug.
  • Updated the underlying PHP libraries to their latest versions
  • Improved logging in the front-end implementations

1.7.0 - May 21, 2021

= Version 1.7.0 =
  • Added size column in Vimeo videos admin table
  • Added metadata caching functionality. The plugin now caches the duration, size, dimensions of a video. Useful for future development.
  • Added a lot of improvements to the logging feature. Logs can be found in uploads/wp-vimeo-videos/debug.log
  • Added dgv_upload_modal_title filter for filtering the Upload modal title
  • Added dgv_mce_toolbar_icon_enable filter for enabling or disabling TinyMCE vimeo icon
  • Added dgv_mce_toolbar_tooltip filter for filtering the TinyMCE toolbar tooltip
  • Added dgv_mce_toolbar_icon_url filter for filtering the default Vimeo logo icon
  • Fixed a bug when the view privacy is 'Only those with link'. Video links were pointing to wrong link, instead of private video link
  • Renamed dgv_toolbar_title to dgv_mce_toolbar_title. The filter can be used to change the TinyMCE toolbar title (default: Vimeo). Return empty string to remove it
  • Refactored post upload hooks
  • Link author to its WordPress user profile page in Vimeo videos admin table
  • Added APIs that can be used to integrate chunked progress bar uploads in custom forms
  • Added [dgv_user_uploads user=current allow_delete=1 allow_edit=1] shortcode that lists the current user uploads and allows the logged-in user to manage those if the user is the owner of the videos
  • Added diagnostics and error messages if access token doesn't support Interact scope. Interact is required for the folders functionality.
  • Switch input field to textarea for description in front-end upload integrations
  • Added dgv_frontend_after_upload_gravityforms action triggered after front-end upload using GravityFroms
  • Added dgv_frontend_after_upload_wpforms action triggered after front-end upload using WPForms
  • Fixed problem with the chunked progress-bar front-end upload in GravityForms.
  • Revamped product activation system

1.6.1 - February 21, 2021

Version 1.6.1
  • Fix chunked uploads problem in WPForms/GravityForms implementations.


The software will be covered with support and updates as long as your license is valid.

If you need any help feel free to contact us!

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